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Assured Solar Energy has been in business since 2006 as a solar design and installation company specializing in solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. We are experienced with both off-grid and grid-tied systems, and work with residential, commercial, and agricultural customers. We have installations up and running in every corner of Midcoast and Central Maine, from Kennebunk to Bath, from Auburn to Eagle Island. We offer only the best technologies available, and take pride in doing neat, attractive, and safe installations.

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What makes us unique?


Our systems look great on the outside; but what you don’t see matters. We don’t cut corners. Check our Article section for more info.


We understand the nuances of system selection, either battery back-up or off-grid. We design the best options for your unique location and situation. We take the time to explain the features, benefits, and value of our quotes.


Owner Rob Taisey brings decades of experience to guide you step by step through the process. He personally oversees every job to ensure it is done right. At Assured Solar the company owner is just a phone call away. Assured Solar has built a solid reputation for reliability and quality for over 10 years.

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