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2017-11-10 23:13:22
Simple solar help

With the emergence and success of electric vehicle (EV) brands like Tesla, virtually all automakers’ now offer an array of EVs. EVs provide a cleaner transportation alternative to fossil fuel powered vehicles and in many cases can prove to be a very rewarding financial investment. Paired with an optimal solar and storage system, an electric vehicle can provide dramatic savings in years.

If you are interested in purchasing or leasing an EV, you will need a charging station installed in your home. This new load on your meter will add a significant cost to your electric bill, though your gas and many of your auto repair and maintenance expenses will disappear. After an investment in solar panels to offset this new load, EVs coupled with solar energy systems begin to pencil out quite nicely! We are always available to consult on a potential EV charging station and solar array for your home.