Innovative Design on Residential System

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2017-08-18 18:36:41
Non simple

At Assured Solar Energy, we are always testing and vetting new technologies to increase the efficiency of energy production in our installations. On a recent residential installation in Freeport, near Wolf’s Neck Farm, we had the opportunity to install EIQ Vboost 700 power optimizers. These DC to DC optimizers employ a similar technology to Solaredge optimizers, using maximum power point tracking to maximize the total power output of the connected solar panel. These optimizers, however, are largely inverter agnostic, meaning they are compatible with most string inverters on the market as opposed to only one brand. With this feature in mind, the Assured Solar Energy team and our customer decided to use the Fronius Primo inverter, an American made, Austrian engineered inverter known for its impressive reliability. This innovative architecture coupled with SnapNRack racking and 48 REC 290 watt panels rounds out a robust 13.9 kW (Kilowatt) solar energy system.