Freeport Residential System

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2017-08-11 21:42:35
Client stories

Assured Solar Energy’s experienced design and installation team has no trouble completing residential systems like this beautiful 12.76 kW (Kilowatt) array both thoroughly and with time to spare. They carefully consider our customers’ budgetary, aesthetic, and energy production requirements to reach an optimal solar PV system configuration. This system makes use of 44 REC 290 Watt panels, a great choice not just for their efficiency and reliability but also a 25 year warranty guaranteeing nothing less than a predefined linear annual power output. Each panel is equipped with a Solaredge power optimizer, using maximum power point tracking technology to ensure the array is producing as efficiently as possible before being converted to AC electricity at the Solaredge 10kW inverter. With the addition of a Solaredge online monitoring portal, both the system owner and Assured Solar Energy’s team can monitor daily production and quickly address anything unusual. The system is securely attached to the roof with a SnapNRack mounting system, withstanding strong winds and snow while preventing any damage to the roof itself.