Why Solar Panels are an Excellent Investment for Your Home

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2017-07-10 20:57:45
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If you are considering adding solar panels to your home, there are good reasons why their presence adds real value that goes well beyond the cost of investment. While it’s true that the average installation costs for solar panels is around $20,000, give or take $10,000 depending on the needs of the home, the argument for investment is quite compelling.
The first and most obvious is that solar power is clean energy that helps protect the environment. The more solar power is used, the less fossil fuels are burned which means fewer pollutants and CO2 in the air. This provides you with peace of mind as you help to protect the environment, but there are other advantages as well.

Solar Power Saves You Money
Consider that solar power is generating electricity for your home which saves money on your electric bill. For many homeowners, the savings pays for the investment in five to ten years on average. Plus, the savings continue every year that the solar panels are present on your home. This means that over the course of 20 years, you may save upwards of $20,000 or more thanks to having solar power.

Greater Sale Value
Of the many home improvements that people add to their houses, solar panels are one of the few that provide real value when it comes to selling your property. This is because buyers are willing to pay more for a home that is powered by solar energy because they recognize the existing savings. So, even if you decide to sell your home before the savings have surpassed the installation costs, you may find yourself getting more for your home to make up the difference.

Hedge Against Energy Costs
The cost of fossil fuels can rise without warning which means that you might be subject to an energy bill far higher than expected. Solar panels provide a stable platform which means that your electric bills remain steady as a result. Plus, you can rest assured on the energy that they provide for as long as the sun shines in the sky, you will have energy for your home.

Sell Additional Energy
For homeowners that add other cost-saving measures to their homes, such as additional insulation, wind power, or appliances and products that have energy-saving features, it is possible that the power generated by the solar panels may exceed the needs of your home. When that happens, power companies are often obligated to pay for the excess. You can sell the excess power back to the power company and make a small profit.
Adding solar panels to your home provides for lower electric bills, greater resale value, a hedge against rising energy costs, and an effective means of protecting the environment. For anyone who is considering making a long-term investment into your home, solar panels are a great way to save money and reap the benefits. Call today and find out more about how you can save money while protecting the environment all thanks to solar panels.