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2017-04-28 18:50:11
Company Blog

Our systems look fantastic on the outside; but what you don’t see matters.  We don’t cut corners.  Here’s what we do, that you may not initially notice.

  • Roof Protection:  We flash our attachments to the roof.  This protects against leaks and complies with roofing and building codes.
  • Wire Management:  We use the SnapNrack Racking System.  Not only is it UL listed, but it provides very robust wire management system for the 30-year life of your system.  We don’t rely on plastic wire ties, that degrade over time, to secure wires or keep them off your roof.
  • Appearance:  We use SnapNrack Universal End Clamps that provide a nice, clean-looking appearance.  They don’t protrude beyond the array.
  • Modules:  We install modules from reliable (and financially strong) manufacturers with a proven track records.  REC modules, for example, have the lowest field failure rates in the industry.  The silicone is US sourced and refined, using the most efficient refining process.