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2017-04-27 00:11:11
Client stories

I have to say that Rob and Peter and the other staff at Assured were extremely professional and hard working.   To get our project completed before the weather turned into winter and the ground started to freeze, they worked in all weather and on some days not even a duck would like.   Despite the cold rain, they timed the whole project great.   They set up and had all equipment in on time and staged so that work could be completed in a matter of a few days.   I was very impressed by their work ethic.   They also had very professional electrical support work with the inverter mounted in the garage on a nice black panel that really looks nice.

So far after 2 months of data the system is working fantastic.   Since we have had some really cold clear winter days, we  have had some days of record breaking production, with the system delivering above specification!   Since we have some tree shading issues this time of year, we are very pleased to have the solar optimizers, so that partially shaded panels do not bring the whole array down.   In fact we are really getting some great winter production and are looking forward to the spring when production should really peak.

Overall we highly recommend Assured Solar as a company.   They really know solar and I like that they do not force particular products that they sell, but rather make suggestions on what they feel is best.    They really worked hard on this project and I will not forget it.   They even helped (though not in their contract) with some tree work so we could get the project done on time since the ground was starting to freeze and we had to have some underground lines laid.

So far we are very pleased with the system and plan on adding the 6 panels this spring so we will have 30 panels total.   We did not have an issue with our loan since this is pretty much like paying your electric bill up front and then getting paid back on your loan after 15 years and having free electricity for hopefully a decade or more.   Not only did we think it was a good financial decision but so did our credit union.    As far as the environment goes we could not think of a better way to reduce our impact on the world while at the same time supporting a local business in Maine and driving an industry that is the future of our energy production.   Every time I look at that array next to my driveway, smiles literally come to my and my wife’s face and we think of it as one of the best purchases and decisions we have made in our lifetime.   We thank Assured Solar for making our idea into a reality and will recommend them and the products they sell to our friends and neighbors.

Paul Weiss
February 23, 2015