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2017-04-25 10:58:51
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Our home is a standard Cape Cod and uses about the average amount of electricity for a Maine home  (which is about 500-800 kwh per month).  We actually use a lot less than that but we own an 100% electric car and that can change our monthly electric bill by up to 30% depending on how much we drive.

Needless to say we are very much into helping our environment and have worked for decades on many environmental organizations boards etc.   So our goal is to have a carbon neutral home.   So far we have installed solar hot water system, a solar thermal air heating system, some solar photo-voltaic panels with battery and grid tied, but those are small and created only a small percent of our use.  We wanted to produce all out electricity even with the ownership of our electric car (Nissan Leaf) and a full electric motorcycle (Zapino).

I fortunately knew Peter Rubins who has worked for Assured Solar and we started talking to Peter and also Rob Taisey in the fall.  By potentially eliminating our electric bill, we figured we could use that saved money to pay for a loan that we took out to purchase our system.

We (my wife Lucia Reardon and I) decided on Assured Solar because of personal trust we have in our friend Peter Rubin, and our new friend Rob Taisey.  Both were very dedicated to satisfying our requests in a system and guiding us with several options on configuration.   In the end we decided on a grid tied ground array system with Solar Edge Inverters, and Solar Edge Optimizers, with 24×260 watts polycrystalline panels.  The system was sized at about 6.2 kwh with room in the future to expand that to about 8kwh.   This would eventually fill all our electric needs including the electric leaf.

Lucia With Array And Dog